Scoring points with your personality

You are a CEO, manager or team leader? Then you will be aware of the many different challenges that your everyday work has in store for you. You need to be able to advance a company – developing visions for it, inspiring employees and motivating them in the process.

No matter whether you actually assume a leadership role and want to change it or fill it differently, or whether you are taking up a new position: reflecting on what leadership entails makes you appear clear and focused.   

Together, we will look at your personal leadership style, analysing existing roles and new ones. What makes for good leadership? How would you like to be perceived? And what strategies do we need to develop for you to get there?

Asking questions to achieve your goal

In a dialogue, we will approach what leadership means to you. What would you like to achieve for the company? How do you motivate your team? What challenges do you encounter every day? And how do you manage the complexity of everyday work?

It is not just young talent that needs a dialogue partner in order to develop successfully within the company. It is also worthwhile for longtime leaders to reconsider existing patterns from time to time, to reflect on their own style and, thus, gain valuable insights and skills for everyday work.

In coaching, I see myself as your sparring partner. Together, we will discuss your questions, untie existing knots and, through dialogue, arrive at solutions that can enhance your individual management style.