Welcome to my website. As a certified management consultant and executive coach, I can support you in a wide variety of processes: from staff and team development via executive coaching to transition and sports coaching.


As far as methods are concerned, I am at home with systemic thinking and acting, considering the big picture as well as the individual steps. When it comes to sorting things out and finding appropriate answers, I support my clients in an authentic and creative way, combined with a spark of curiosity, and give them the tools they need to implement the solutions.

Executive Coaching

Developing personality and performance. Learn how to lead with attitude and reflection – using a variety of methods, humour, and intuition

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My latest blog contributions

Marion Pohl

Coaching is a reliable tool for professional development and at the same time a finely tuned compass in transition phases on the way to something new. I look forward to supporting you in the development and implementation of your next goals and visions.