The power of change: how to turn crises into opportunities

 Some changes come so unexpectedly that they cause reactions similar to those that occur after a severe shock. Yet, after a time of paralysis, anger or grief, they can trigger processes never conceived before.

Creating a positive future

These are crazy times, many say. Others would call them stultifying. And still others are already looking for ways to fill with meaning the slowdown that the coronavirus restrictions have brought about. The inventor and entrepreneur Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) once wrote: “When one door closes, another opens.” With this attitude, he succeeded in developing a commercially practical telephone.

Even though every crisis presents itself differently, it is evident that constructive people think outside the box in exceptional situations and develop particularly creative solutions. Some even tread new paths that are better than the old ones.

Making good use of the situation

Leaders participating in my coaching sessions often ask similar questions. Do I have to reposition myself? Are there alternatives to how we are currently working? Can we change the path we have chosen? How can products be repositioned? Times of crisis such as these often generate new business ideas. People make a virtue out of necessity, developing innovative concepts and trying them out.

However, it is not only with regard to products and structures that change can be seen as an opportunity. This very special time deserves to be put to good use. And so, many people discover further education. What training course or seminar might help me now? How can I prepare myself and my employees for the time after? How do I become the architect of my future and how do I benefit from this for the present?

Using dialogue to achieve a change of perspective

Such questions can be perfectly tackled and discussed in a coaching session. Engaging in a dialogue, we will question existing ways of thinking, change perspectives, create new visions, and develop ideas. I am happy to offer such dialogue and lateral thinking units also as online coaching sessions.

And how are you getting on with the current situation?